Office space in a neo-Renaissance building
︎ Budapest, HUNGARY

The Regional Energy Research Center (REKK) carries out teaching, advisory and research activities at the Corvinus University building. The lab with an increasing number of souls needed a more modern office space supporting small group collaboration within the university walls. The new office was planned on the basis of the former Fővámpalota’s interior spaces by Miklós Ybl. The first step was to empty the dark rooms, filled with outdated built-in furniture. This is how the united, neo-renaissance clear space has been made and with extra striking colors and unusual spatial elements we have created an entirely new vibe. The original floor was polished and bleached to improve the sparse light conditions of the arched windows with unusual placement. This cleaned-up, restored space has been filled with office items that have a strong mood-creating effect in addition to ergonomic considerations. The neon red space element at the front desk focuses attention immediately on arriving. With this structure, we not only marked the reception in space, but also on the opposite side of a more closed rest area. The two stems of the U-shaped structure are a dark-soundproof cab that creates the possibility of a complete closure within the office. These two private underwater-soft cabinets are also equipped with cabin windows. The red-black alternation runs across the office, so these emphases separate the functions and divide the otherwise uneven space with only a glass wall separating the meeting room. Powerful color spots not only appear on built-in furniture: such as a heavy drapery for projection, which is a darkening and soundproofing curtain at the same time, or anthracite gray painted walls, which designate spaces of different purpose. An important aspect of spatial organization was that the continuity of co-operation between the people working there would be solved, but at the same time it would be possible to retreat. So the division of workspaces follows such a loose system: although it assigns its place to the processes, but it gives you the possibility of spending time in front of the window, closed Skype meetings, standing work and also joint meetings.

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Dániel Eke
Márton Pintér
Zoltán Kalászi

Interior design, Furniture design,
Balázs Danyi