︎ székesfehérvár, HUngary

Postmodern building block in a stage installation

The set of the musical titled Chicago by an outstanding Hungarian representative of the physical theater Csaba Horváth in Székesfehérvár were designed in the spirit of motion. Instead of stable, we put movable elements, light walls into the backstage space, which are used to mark different locations. The simple geometric shapes placed on the pepita floor are moved by the decorators and the actors themselves during the performance, so the gesture-shifting and transformation of the individual elements make it possible to summon different locations. The plush-punched bobbin, the mirror-covered roller cone, or the circular plexiglass cubus are the building blocks of a postmodern space that depict the oppressive world of the smoky musical with symbolic meaning. The use of light sources is also indicative: such as the door and corner lights, or the raster of laser lines in the smoke, recalls one of the main sites of the musical, the female prison. The chandelier-sized large bulb disc highlights the material world of musical action, the heated jazz era of the '20s.

Székesfehérvár, Hungary

Completed, 2018
Csaba Horváth
Stage design

project TEAM
Zoltán  Kalászi
Kristóf Kiss-Benedek
András Zoltai