Benedictine Concert Hall 

︎ pannonhalma, HUngary

Transformation of a gym - sound and lighting transformations in a musical performing space.

The Arcus Temporum is a three-day contemporary music and art festival held in the Pannonhalma Abbey in the summer, home to a church community with over 1000 years of history, the Benedictine monastic order. The festival with progressive musical, literary and fine arts programs is a bridge between past and present, and invites both believers and non-believers to dialogue. In addition, the Abbey's area has advanced architectural solutions such as the renewed interior spaces of the Basilica, based on John Pawson's work. In the early part of the festival, the gymnasium of the Benedictine High School was dedicated to the classical music performance. The task of our design team was to create both acoustically and in general a different space from the everyday exercise life. We had to deal with the sound engineering challenges of a space with rubber floor, wainscots and extra echoing with simple, cost-effective tools. That's how the wave ceilings from the translucent fabrics were created, which not only solemnly dressed up the space, but also steered the sound with its streamline. The concert venue had a dome over the band and descended towards the auditorium. The veil-like geotextile used as cover film for agricultural work has played an important role not only in sound management but also in light technology. There was a network of raster-loaded burners which at some parts emerged or submerged in the waves: while in the deeply drooping sections they functioned as a dim light. But it also worked as a direct light source on a prominent parts just like a chandelier.

Pannonhalma, Hungary

220 m2

Completed, 2012
Installation design

project TEAM
Dániel Baló
Dániel Eke
Zoltán Kalászi
Tamás Bujnovszky